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About: The Patton Family

Town and Country Brick is a Family owned and run business for over two generations. Town and country are the oldest continuously run brick distributor in the greater Houston area.Our unwavering mission over the course of the years has remained the same: to provide experienced, responsive, and uncompromising service to every customer.We are and always has been a family-run business providing Residential and commercial products Our friendly and supportive staff helps all customers through the processes of selecting and purchasing a variety of products for their dream homeAbove all, it is the reputation of Town and Country Brick that has allowed us to sustain throughout the years.

Town and Country is a proud member of Greater Houston Area Home Builders Association, The brick industry association, and Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce.

Town and Country Brick

Town and Country Brick and Supply is the oldest brick distributor in Houston, TX. Family owned and operated with the reputation of providing the highest level of customer service in the industry.




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